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Rumeurs pour le galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 : features, price and release date

Given the erosion in sales of his ship the Galaxy S6 admiral and the output of Galaxy S6 + Edge to try to correct the situation, the pressure is important for Samsung not to disappoint for the next version of its main smartphone.

Release date

– Based Value Walk, Galaxy S7 could enter the factory in December 2015 and to begin shipping in January 2016 in an attempt to directly compete with Apple iPhone 7. The Korean media Newsis agrees but is leaving the S7 before the end of 2015.
– PhoneArena, put rather on a release date that is more situerait in usual niches Samsung is between March and April 2016 one year after the Galaxy S6.
On our side, rather it focuses on a release date in March 2016, in line with what Samsung used to do with the Galaxy S models

Phone feature

Specifications are subject to change during the month, the road is still long before the release of Galaxy S7, but here’s what we managed to deduce from the various leaks and rumors.

Mémoire vive

The next Samsung flagship will be equipped with 4GB of LPDDR4


The Exynos 7420 processor which is equipped the Galaxy S6 is very powerful, but still, in its single-core performance, it does not reach the performance of Apple A8 Chipset, although the latter is clocked at a lower frequency.

Qualcomm plans to start his heart Kryo later this year. Currently, there is no solid information on the roadmap for the Samsung solution.


Some believe that the smartphone will be based on technology Super AMOLED 4K, which still place the bar pretty high.

For comparison, the display of the current Galaxy S6 displays a resolution of 2560 * 1440.


Photo & Video sensor is an important component of modern smartphones. The race was slowed pixels in consideration of improving characteristic of other smartphones sensor.

Without expect a pixel mounted relative to the Galaxy S6 can be assumed improvements in stability, ISO sensitivity, and increasing the number of frames per second at video captures, to enable us to carry replays more impressive, the image of the sport that offers cameras nowadays.


Autonomy is the black point of modern smartphones. However, much progress has been made on this, and many manufacturers are innovating in the field of energy storage.

Hopefully we reserve samsung a surprise that side.

Samsung will offer at least their rapid charging technology, which allows to use the smartphone for 4 h after just 10 minutes of charging.


The price is expected to remain in the same range as the introductory price of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy.

The price of the Galaxy S7 should be around $720, while the Galaxy S7 Edge should be around $850.