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Concepts pour le galaxy S7

Concept 31

Not until next year to present the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge but we can enjoy ourselves while waiting through all the concepts that appear throughout the month on the internet. Here is one that should appeal to fans of the brand.

On this concept, we can indeed notice that the screen size is huge, and occupies 95% of the surface of the phone.


To achieve this, the creator of this Galaxy S7 Edge made the decision to remove the button placed on the front and minimize Bezels around the slab.

The microphone and speaker are hidden under the display to save a maximum of space, and there still has a front camera above the screen with other sensors.

The back of the camera is in its simplest device with a silvery texture, with the brand “Samsung” large. It is provided with a photo sensor and a dual LED flash, and a heart rate monitor.

How the borders are operated is very attractive, it is a mix between what offers the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Edge Edge S6. The left border to display information in the drop headbands, and on the other hand, there are shortcuts that points to the applications that can be defined according to our preference.

It is still unlikely that the Galaxy S7 Edge looks like, but it is a concept that is rather appealing.

You can view below, the concept in 3D: